Get Your Money!
The Earned Income Tax Credit, abbreviated EIC, is a valuable credit available to lower-income taxpayers with earned income. It can be worth as much as $6,1318 for 2019, depending upon the taxpayer's filing status, income and number of qualifying children.


Please note, if you file Married Filing Separately, you're not entitled to EIC. The EIC is refundable which means if your tax debt is zero, you can receive a credit for the refundable amount.


Qualifying for EIC

Taxpayers may qualify for EIC, even if they have no children, but the rules are slightly different from taxpayers with qualifying children. TaxTeam415 is ready to discuss EIC benefits with you!



      Maximum EIC 2019


      $6,318 with three or more qualifying children

     $5,616 with two qualifying children

     $3,400 with one qualifying child

     $510 with no qualifying children